Dark Dreamlands

Illustrated Oversize Edition

Pegana Press is pleased to present a beautiful deluxe edition of mystical dark tales by the master keeper of the portals of Dreamland.

Four of H. P. Lovecraft's finest stories.

Celephais (1920)

The White Ship (1919)

The Doom that Came to Sarnath (1919)

Serving as praeludium is the lyrical 

Ex Oblivione (1921)

Languorous and strange, these visions from beyond the Wall of Sleep are exquisitely illumined by visionary artist Michael Hutter.

Hand set letterpress printed on opalescent white Zerkall Ingres fine edition paper, this large over-sized (8"x 11") edition is limited to 100 hand numbered copies and hand bound on site with pearl gray cloth on boards.

40 pages.  Pegana Press 2016

Regularly priced at $400.  Order now to take advantage of our special sale price of $375.

Michael Hutter Illustrations

German artist Michael Hutter contributed 4 weirdly fabulous illustrations to take you on a journey through the Dark Dreamlands depicted in these stories by Lovecraft.


Dark Dreamlands sale priced at $375

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