Purchase & Return Policy

What to expect upon purchase

You’ve chosen your book, and made your purchase.  If the book is already bound and ready to read, you can expect us to ship the book within 2 to 3 business days of purchase.  If for any reason your book cannot be shipped within this time frame you will receive an email communication informing you of the projected shipping date.

Once your book has shipped, we will contact you with a tracking number.


When you preorder a book, you are reserving a copy of a book that has not yet been finished.  Whether it is in the printing stages or the binding process, we can usually give you some indication about expected release on our website where you purchase the book.  

As the release date approaches, and as books are bound, we will contact you to let you know when you may expect your personal book to ship.  Once it has shipped you will be contacted with a tracking number.

Returning a Duplicate Purchase

Sometimes people accidentally re-purchase a book they have already purchased.  If this happens and you realize that you have mistakenly ordered a book you already have, please contact us before the book has shipped and we will gladly refund your purchase less any fees that we have been charged.