Paris A Poem by Hope Mirrlees. Cover illustration by Brian Dunning. Pegana Press 2010

Paris A Poem

By Hope Mirrlees

From the author of the classic fantasy "Lud-In-The Mist", comes this remarkable glimpse of Paris, The City of Light.

The center of bright art and dark vice in Europe of 1919 flows with people of many races and beliefs.  Mirrlees becomes our eyes and ears for a journey through the metropolis and its inhabitants, past and present. 

 Of the XIIIth Duchess of Alba
     Long long as the Eiffel Tower
         Fathoms deep in haschich...

  The Seine, old egotist, meanders impeturbably towards the sea,

  Ruminating on weeds and rain...

       If through his sluggish watery sleep come dreams 

            They are the blue ghosts of king-fishers.


This neglected masterpiece released in 1919 by Virginia Woolf at Hogarth Press in a small edition now selling for $12,000 is available in a very limited press run hand duplicating the original unique typographic design; letterpress printed on French watercolour paper and hand bound by Ars Obscura; using hot stamped gold spine and hand inked inset pastedown of the Eiffel Tower.  With a new afterword and gallery of Parisian images.  Click the photographs to enlarge.   ​

Strictly limited to 50 numbered copies.   $385.00​  

Paris A Poem Pegana Press 2010

Paris Excerpts

Paris A Poem $385


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